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My passion: Empowering Women

I discovered martial arts looking for an activity that would keep me in shape, help me release the mental charge and bring me self-confidence.

I found Full Contact and dedicated my time to improving my practice ever since.

After 7 years of practice, I transformed this hobby into a passion and my training into competitions, taking home first place at both the League Championships and the French Cup in 2017.

When I started boxing, there were very few women in clubs and even less media coverage. 


With Sébastien Château, my partner both in the ring and in life, we created a women's section at the American Boxing Clubin Angers. In one short year, we counted 60 budding female boxers! 


As a boxing personal trainer, I teach a lifestyle in order to empower women. 

Today, I put my expertise at the service of those who wish to surpass themselves and cultivate strength through a fun and intense practice. I believe in the power of health and fitness. In addition, I teach Pilates, a complementary practice that works on the deep muscles and adjusts the posture of the body through controlled and precise exercises and specific breathing.


Miss Boxing is the realization of my aspirations: to guide women in their physical and mental preparation, to encourage their determination and to boost their self-confidence. 


Being a coach means passing on the art of combativeness and contributing to the empowerment of my students!

Qualifications et titles
  • Winner of the Full-contact French Cup in 2017

  • League Champion in 2017

  • Qualification for the 2018 French Championships

  • Full-contact black belt

  • Technical training by Sébastien Château, 2018 World Champion, and Jean-Baptiste MVogo, French Taekwondo Champion

  • Certified as physical activities for all instructor

  • Certified as martial arts instructor

  • Certified to the Pilates Method

  • Trigger point formation (trigger point)

  • Certified of First-aid at Work and Prevention and Civic Relief

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